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Keybilly Adventures' Best Revenge anchored at Content Key Sandbar for private kid-friendly charter
Forget the $100 Hamburger!
Fly into Summerland Key Airport, step off your plane and onto our boat for an exciting day-trip adventure on the waters of the Florida Keys!

Welcome to the Best Kept Secret of the Florida Keys!

Explore the stunning beauty of the waters of the Florida Keys with Keybilly Adventures! We offer private boat charters that cater to the adventurous pilots* seeking unforgettable experiences. Whether you're keen on snorkeling, diving, spearfishing, or simply enjoying a breathtaking sunset cruise while looking for dolphins and sea turtles, our team is here to make your maritime dreams a reality. Embark on an exclusive journey with us and discover the hidden wonders of the waters around Summerland Key!


We have a variety of adventures to share with our guests with an introductory rate of $500 (including landing fees and tie-down at Summerland Key Airport for up to 24 hours for up to three aircraft) for up to six guests and about 5 hours underway.  We provide the unique gear and equipment you will need for any adventure we put together, but there are certainly things of your own that you will want to bring.  


At Keybilly Adventures, we limit our schedule to no more than one charter every other day to ensure your adventure is not limited by commitments to other customers and to facilitate weather rescheduling.  Additionally, we will not combine different parties on our boat for the same charter; this is truly a private charter, just for you and your friends and/or family.  

Please take a look at the rest our website, call your captain, Matt, to customize and book your charter today and let Keybilly Adventures take you on a thrilling aquatic escapade that puts the usual general aviation day-trip destinations to shame!

* Not to worry if you're not flying down!  We are also pleased to share the wonders of the Florida Keys with folks who arrive by car, too!  

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