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Hi!  I'm Sarah!

I'm the owner of Keybilly Adventures, and I cannot wait to show you the wonders of the Florida Keys!  Fly in and come dive with us!  

My Story

I grew up as a preacher's daughter in Central Florida wrestling alligators in my back yard (OK, it was only once, but it's still a great story).  I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2007 and earned a somewhat antiquated bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. While I do engage in freelance design work on the side, my true passion has always lay with the ocean.  Recognizing my genuine calling in life, I have made the decision to channel my profound love for the sea into our family business.

I hold a SSI Rescue Diver Certification, and I am currently working towards my Dive Guide rating.  With hundreds of dives under my belt in many locations around the world, I feel very comfortable under the water and I have a knack for helping our friends and/or clients to feel the same way while we explore the waters of the Florida Keys.  

When I'm not doing my best impression of a fish, you can catch me maintaining our magnificent 100-gallon Reef Aquarium populated exclusively with marine life we catch in the Florida Keys – it's like running a luxury hotel for local aquatic celebrities.  Oh, and don't even get me started on underwater photography, sublimation and SVG crafting – I'm like the Picasso of pixels!  


I also have three wonderful children that pull me in a hundred different directions on a daily basis!  Keybilly Adventures, though, is my opportunity to focus and mold all their boundless energy into a passion for responsible stewardship of our world's oceans and the marine life found beneath their wavy surface while making memories that will last their lifetime.  Also, if their hobbies are flying, boating and diving, they will never have money for drugs!   

Our family is incredibly excited to share our passion for the seas and and the wonders of the Florida Keys with new clients and new friends!  Call us and book your adventure today!  

Dive in with Me!  

The waters of the Florida Keys await!  


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